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How to Update BTVi Software

What not to do when registering



Why does my BTV box lag sometimes
Slow internet speed

What does it mean if it says buffering
Buffering means the program is reading ahead of what you are watching. That happens when a program was streaming something from the internet and you hit a slow download speed. That’s why we recommend an internet speed of 30mbs or more.

Are there any monthly subscriptions
Legacy Direct Global offers free and a subscription based content. The VIP experience allows you to Skip ADS, access Live TV, have More streams, More movies, More music, More everything.


Where can I use my BTVi
You may use your BTVi streaming box anywhere as long as there is an HDMI connection made to a display and power.

Why doesn’t any of my shows stream smoothly
Slow internet speed.

Why is it when I click on a stream/feed it doesn't work
We are not a provider of any media content and can’t guarantee any media to work at any time however, we find that the majority of all streams are working. When this happens please check your ROM as you may not have the latest version.

Can I download anything to the box
If yes, what can I download

The BTVi will allow some apps to be downloaded. The Apps that are downloadable will be located under App Market. Apps that are not within App Market will effect your BTVi's condition.

Can I use the box on more than one TV
Yes, with a HDMI splitter the image from any one model of BTVi may be duplicated to multiple screens. However only one controller can work and all screens will project the same content.

Can I enable subtitles

How do I know my BTV box will continue to work for years without being cut off like past boxes have (dragon box, black box etc. have all shut down)
Because we are not copying, downloading, or stealing anybody’s signal. Our media player is the same as your home computer which can access the same things, same content. Only our media player is not affected by viruses and pop ups.

What does HD, SD, and HQ mean
HD: High Definition SD: Standard Definition HQ: High Quality

Is the BTVi portable
BTVi is portable meaning that you may travel with it to connect to any TV with an HDMI connection. However power and internet access will always be required.

Can you link it to a tablet/smart phone/laptop, use it on the go
Yes, provided it has an HDMI connection.

If its Bluetooth compatible, can I use my regular controllers like ps4 ps3 and xbox
Yes. It is bluetooth compatible and they should work on your BTVi.

Can I attach a hard drive to it for more storage
You are not able to download or copy any movies or TV shows, however, you may add additional storage by adding an SD card or External Hard Drive for things such as your pictures, personal videos, and such.

Is there any parental locks
Parental Control is available to be set on first launch. 

If my device stops working what should I do
Contact Customer Service

How to I transfer it from one TV to another
Unplug the HDMI cord and Plug it into the other TV


What is the recommend internet speed for optimal performance
To test your internet speed, go into Apps - Speedtest. At Vizions Network, Inc. we recommend a speed of at least 30 mbps to stream 1080p reliably. The faster the speed, the better the performance.

Will this work with any Internet connection
Your BTVi will work with any internet connection provided that it is fast enough. The suggested minimum connection speed is 30mbs.

What is recommended internet speed for optimum performance
Generally speaking, you probably need at least a 30mbps connection to stream 1080p reliably in most cases. The faster the speed, the better the performance.

Can I hook up hardline Internet to my box or does it have to run off of wifi
Yes, the hardline would be the Ethernet.

Will it work with my mobile hot spot
Yes, your cell phone also makes a great mobile hotspot provided that it is fast enough which most are.


Is it legal
Yes, provided you use your BTVi as intended. Like your home computer, you have access to media contents via the Internet. Much of the contents available do require it's own license agreements. Our BTVi is a mini-super computer. It scrapes the internet and pulls any available media streams to your system.

Can I download anything to the box? If yes, what can I download
The BTVi will allow some apps to be downloaded. The Apps that are downloadable will be located under App Market. Apps that are not within App Market will effect your BTVi's condition.

Can I record shows etc, so I can watch them late
No, but they will most likely be available for you to play on-demand thus eliminating the necessity to record.

Can I get in trouble for using this device
No, provided you are not doing anything illegal.


Click on the MY APPS button.
Make sure ACCESS is updated.


Am I allowed to buy one at retail and sell it to friends and family if I'm not a distributor
Sure, but as a distributor you may enjoy a better price for BTVi3's.

Can a retail customer buy bundle packages
Yes, at retail.

Q: How can I check if my products have already been shipped out to me
A:  Please log into your back office and look up your personal order history by hovering over the shopping cart tab and order history. From there click on view summary. If your order has shipped, there will be tracking information under shipping method and tracking information.

Q: How long does it take to receive an order
A: Shipping and handling times may vary but most orders are usually received in 3-5 business days. 

Q: Can Vizions Network, Inc. make International Shipments to other countries
If so, which countries
A: We will ship to all 50 states in the USA and to Canada. (Duties and/or taxes paid when package arrives at country of destination's port are to be paid by the receiving party) 

Q: How can I check if my products have already been shipped out to me
A:  Please log into your back office and look up your personal order history by hovering over the shopping cart tab and click on order history. From there click on view summary. If your order has shipped, there will be tracking information under shipping method and tracking information. 


Q: What is the BTVi
A: The BTVi is a media player that allows users to play and view most videos, music, such as podcasts from the Internet, and all common digital media files from local and network storage media. 

Q: Will 1 BTVi work for the whole house
A: Each TV needs to be connected to it's own BTVi.   

Q: What do I do if my BTVi screen is just black
A: If your BTVi screen is black please force quit the application by holding down the home button for 3 seconds and clicking on Force Quit. From there please restart the BTVi app. If the problem persists we can walk you through a Factory data reset of your BTVi by calling 949-988-9000. 

Q: What do I do if my BTVi app or other Apps are missing
A: If the BTVi app is missing we will send you an email on how to reinstall the BTVi app. If any other app is missing outside of that then you can re-download them via the Google Play Store. 

Q: Please help me set up my BTVi/BLocal Antenna
A: To set up a BTVi correctly all you need to do is make sure the HDMI cable is connected correctly to your TV, the BTVi is connected to a power source and it is connected to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.   To connect your Blocal please make sure that the coaxial cable is plugged into your tv, it is connected to a power source via usb cable and that the antenna is properly placed for optimal signal.  

Q: Why does my BTVi say 'BTVi not Responding' and shuts down occasionally
A: Occasionally the BTVi media player will crash which is absolutely normal for all electronic devices. As long as the issue does NOT persist consistently it is fine if it happens occasionally. Outside of that please call Customer Service at 949-988-9000.

Q: What should I do if my BTVi won't update and keeps saying Updater Failed
A: Please call Customer Service so we can help you perform a factory data reset. Once your BTVi has restarted then you can re-download the update. If your BTVi app is missing please make sure to have the instructions necessary to reinstall sent to you. 

Q: My BTVi keeps on Buffering
A: Your BTVi will usually buffer because of a slow internet connection. After performing a speed test on your BTVi either call your Internet Service Provider to upgrade your internet package or if the speed is adequate please choose another stream to work with as the bandwidth on that specific file might be not enough to enjoy the content being streamed. 

Q: No Streams or Content are available on my BTVi
A: If streams are not available for the item you are trying to stream it is simply either not available, or it is not found on the internet at the time. If it is currently not available check back in a few days to see if there is an available stream. 

Q: My BTVi is getting too hot! 
A: If your BTVi is too hot we suggest that you keep the room in which the BTVi is in at working temperature or purchase a Bcool which will keep your BTVi running with proper circulation.  

Q: Why can't I watch anything on my BTVi
A: Please go into the app "updater" within the apps folder and click "Download". Please allow 10-20 minutes depending on your internet connection for the download to successfully install on your BTVi. Once you see "Installation successfully completed" you will be able to use the BTVi app to enjoy your desired content. 

Q: How do you have all of this content
A: We do not host nor own any content available on the BTVi outside of our exclusive media. Anything you may come across that does not have our logos or branding is owned and developed by third party developers.  

Q: My BTVi is connected to the internet but it won't load anything. What's going on
A: Verify the internet connection. Verify if by Ethernet or Wi-Fi. If Ethernet is connected make sure Ethernet is securely connected to both ports on Ethernet port on router and BTVi and that the Ethernet option is turned on in the BTVi. If Wi-Fi make sure that Wi-Fi is on, selected and under the network name it says 'connected'. If using WIFI make sure Ethernet is off(vise versa)(only one can be on at a time). If all of this is correct your BTV is having an issue, please call to be shown how to perform a factory data reset. If the problem persists please send in the unit. 

Q: What does it mean when it says Script Failed/Error
A: If you get that sort of error please continue down the list of available sources to find a good link. That can mean a couple of different things. It usually will mean that the file you were trying to access has been moved, modified or deleted. All of this is done at the owner of the files discretion as we do not own or host any of the content that is accessed outside of our exclusive media.  

Q: My internet is good but the stream keeps freezing. What's going on
A: Keep choosing a different stream till you find one that doesn't have a buffering issue. (There is one of 2 issues happening here. Either the bandwidth is getting "bottle necked" at the hosts end or the users end. If the user has reliable internet then its most likely happening on the hosts end. Choose a different source to fix the problem.) 

Q: Can I use my BTVi in another room
A: You can unplug the BTVi and set it up in another room; but we highly recommend having one BTVi per TV in your home, RV or apartment. 

Q: Can I see local channels on my BTVi
A: You can access local channels through our product Blocal which will give you free access to local channels in your area.                  

Q: Will this work out of the country
A: Yes! As long as the BTVi is connected to the internet and is receiving a minimum connection of 10 Mbps you can access the content anywhere in the world. 

Q: How strong of an Internet connection do I need
A: We suggest a minimum internet connection of 10 Mbps. The ideal connection is 20+ Mpbs to ensure optimal user experience. 

Q: Can I use my own game controller
A: There a game controllers that are compatible with our system but we suggest that you use the approved model(s) available to assure performance.  


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